The Chirstmas Tree Naughty-and-Nice List

Around Christmas we all see artificial Christmas tress in stores, the real question today is that are these artificial Christmas trees any better for the environment in comparison to real pine or fir Christmas tree?

Artificial trees Christmas Tree Farmhave a bright side for many reasons, it saves families from having to put money out for a tree each year and they are easier to take care of and are the safer option. Even though, is that worth the fact that experts believe these trees actually are a larger negative environmental impact. This is because artificial trees are usually made of NON- BIOGRADABLE materials and are non- recyclable! So therefore these trees will sit in a landfill for centuries after we throw them away.

The real “Christmas Tree” has the option of what is known as “Treecycling”, they can be recycled into landscaping and gardening stuff, or even used for playgrounds. But also have a major downside due to the fact that these trees are farmed as agricultural products meaning pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers would be used on them. Overall real Christmas trees are healthier for the environment, especially are great when they are treecyled.

So now you may be thinking, both options pretty much suck and if it means a lot to you there is always a living potted tree option, where living trees are brought into the home for roughly 10 days and then replanted after Christmas and local parks department will likely accept your tree for planting after the holidays if you don’t have land for replanting.

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